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Unlocks, Abominations, and Kopinskis on the Zombicide: Black Plague Kickstarter

It was a good weekend for Zombicide: Black Plague. First, people were able to try the new set out at the CMON Expo. We managed to snap a few photos of people enjoying the game. Go have a look for yourself here. That has brought in some more backers and this created a new unlocked stretch goal. The addition of new guest artist boxes as add-ons didn't hurt, too, I'm sure.


You can now add Bob to your list of heroes who will be there to stem the tide of zombies. Bob is a proponent of the phrase, "fight fire with fire... in fact... fight anything with fire." While he may not be the world's best magician, he's good at what he does. And now he can do that against the zombies of Black Plague.

If you'd like to bulk up your Survivor pool even further, you can pick up another couple guest artist boxes. The John Howe box goes a little above and beyond, giving you not just the heroes, but a couple pieces of unique equipment as well. That's not to say that the Stefan Kopinski box isn't awesome as well, because it certainly is. Both of these boxes can now be added to your pledge.

Finally, a look ahead to a future stretch goal. This is the Alphabomination. It's a werewolf/zombie that creates more wolfz (instead of runners) to spawn on the board. Sounds like fun. Sounds like something to stay away from if you're a Survivor on the board.

The campaign now has 13 days left on the clock.