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Universal Adventures Core Bundle Sale, Now Available

New Realms Publishing has bundled together their Universal Adventures core books and is offering them at a special sale price for the rest of September.



From the announcement:

Spend more time gaming and less time prepping with products from the Universal Adventures line. We’re still celebrating the release of Ogres and Underworlds and as part of that celebration we’re bringing you the Universal Adventures Core Bundle at an incredible price. From now through September 30th, you can purchase the three core Universal Adventures products as a bundle at 50% off. The bundle includes the Universal Adventures Dungeon Deck, Encounter Deck and Treasure Deck for the price of one-and-a-half decks of cards. With these three decks you can create an adventure before, or while, you play, with or without a Game Master. Try out a new or favorite RPG, play solo, create an adventure while you play and more with the Universal Adventures Core Bundle. And if you are looking for some new games to try, buy a copy of Ogres and Underworlds and Swords and Savagery. The monster books for both games include stats for most of the monsters you’ll encounter in the Universal Adventures Encounter Deck. Also, from now through September 30th, a special bundle of Swords and Savagery and Swords and Savagery Monsters will be available. Buy a new RPG and a bundle of cards from New Realms Publishing, save some cash, and game all weekend long.