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Universal Adventures Adventure Module The Blood Howlers of Black Willow Gorge is Now Available

This weekend's activities for me will include the start of a new RPG adventure. It's a group I've been playing with for a while, but we're starting out with new characters going on a new adventure and all that fun sort of stuff. I'm going to play a half-orc battle chef because... why not? I'm not sure what the DM has in store for us, but having some universal adventures at hand would make his job a little easier. And New Realms Publishing has a new one available.

The Blood Howlers of Black Willow Gorge is the first in a two-part adventure set north of the town of Ravenor. It's compatible with the Expedition to Erathor adventure and its expansion pack, Greyshroud Ridge. It comes with 9 adventure cards, 9 encounter cards, 9 event cards, and 9 search cards which you will use to find the 18 treasure cards.

Being universal, you can use it with any fantasy RPG that you might be playing at the time.

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