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Universal Adventures Adventure Module FG1 The Forgotten Graveyard is Now Available

Randomly stumbling across something that'd been previously considered lost is generally a good thing. "Oh hey, here's my watch!" "Ah, so that's where I put my phone charger!" "Look at this treasure chest of pirate gold I just stumbled across!" What I don't think anyone's ever said is, "Great! I was wondering where I'd put that graveyard." Well, probably some archaeologists, but not your average person. Well, now your adventurers have the chance to react to finding a graveyard out of nowhere with The Forgotten Graveyard universal adventure.

The adventure comes with 90s cards to help run your players through. There's adventure cards, encounter cards, event cards, and of course, treasure cards to sort through. Being universal, it's designed to fit in easily with whatever game system you might currently be using. It can be played as a stand-alone adventure or as the start of something greater going underground.