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Universal Adventures Adventure Module #5 Dark Water Doom Now Available

Fishing is a dangerous profession (Mike Rowe of Deadliest Catch taught me that). And I don't just mean if you're out on the Bering Sea going after crab. Fishing on rivers can be just as dangerous (Jeremy Wade of River Monsters taught me that). Well, it's not just wind, wave, and wily critters that can increase the death toll along the river-going population. Fishing boats have been found drifting with nobody on them recently. And just the other day, a river boat that was headed for Ravenor was found run aground with the crew and cargo missing. Your adventuring party has been tasked with finding out what's going on. That's the adventure hook for Universal Adventure Module #5, Dark Water Doom.

As with all Universal Adventures, Dark Water Doom is made to be used with whatever gaming system you happen to be wanting to use it in. The module includes an introduction and set-up, a record sheet with background information, 9 adventure cards, 9 encounter cards, 9 event cards, 9 search cards, 9 Forgotten Temple cards (oh crap... the Water Temple...), and 18 Treasure Cards (the thing the adventurers are bound to be most interested in). You can use just what's in this module, or combine it with the other Universal Adventure Modeles.