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Universal Adventures Adventure Module #4 Death Knell Delve Part II is Now Available

New Realms Publishing sends you down further into the depths with their Universal Adventure Module #4, Death Knell Delve Part II. This is their largest module to date, with 108 cards of monsters, traps, treasure, and other encounters for your players. Whatever fantasy RPG system you're playing, you can incorporate the Death Knell Delve into it. You don't even need a GM if you don't want one! The module is available now.

From the announcement:

Something evil bas been unleashed in the depths beneath Ravenor. Will you dare to delve deeper into the dungeons beneath Ravenor and put an end to the evil that threatens the town or will you perish as you push further into the Death Knell Delve?

Part II of the Death Knell Delve adventure, and the fourth release in the Adventure Module series, is now available. Packed with 108 cards, Death Knell Delve Part II is the largest Adventure Module to date and takes the characters further into the dungeons beneath Ravenor with all new areas to explore, new foes to battle and new treasures to find! There is so much adventure packed into this module you’ll want to play it multiple times just to uncover some of the possibilities.

Suitable for use with any fantasy role playing game, and playable solo or with a group, with or without a GM, Death Knell Delve Part II, brings you a fun and exciting adventure you’ll be able to play again and again.

Gather your heroes, for honor, glory and vengeance, and prepare to undertake the Death Knell Delve!