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Universal Adventures Adventure Module #1 Assault on the Underworld Available

New Realms Publishing has released their first Universal Adventure Module. They start things off by sending your characters to the underworld... I guess it's a shorter trip then, if you die along the way...
The release has everything you need, including set up, encounters, treasure, and event cards.


From the release:

Something dreadful has come to Ravenor. Are you brave enough to seek out? Are you skilled enough to overcome the dangers you will face? Then gather your companions and begin the quest with an Assault on the Underworld!

Assault on the Underworld is the first in a new series of Adventure Modules from New Realms Publishing, available now at RPGNOW and DriveThru RPG. The adventure features a new way to play fantasy adventures that allows for quick setup, fast play, and the ability to focus on the action and “story” while leaving you the option to include tactical combat if you desire. Suitable for use with any fantasy role playing game, and playable solo or with a group, with or without a GM, Assault on the Underworld brings you a fun and exciting adventure you’ll be able to play again and again.

Gather your characters, enter a new and exciting world of fantastic adventure and prepare to undertake an Assault on the Underworld!