Union and Reich Troop Packs for Tannhauser now on sale

Fantasy Flight Games have announced that the Union and Reich Troop Packs for Tannhäuser are now on sale.

From their website:

Fantasy Flight Games is excited to announce the release of Troop Packs for Tannhäuser. Each pack further expands the Union and Reich factions by adding additional troops, tokens, and scenarios. Head to your friendly local game store to pick up your Troop Packs today, or visit our webstore.

The Reich Troop Pack includes new Schocktruppen and Stossstruppen figures, while the Union Troop Pack comes with new Commando Alpha and Commando Delta figures. Additionally, these expertly detailed pre-painted figures all feature an alternate color scheme, making it easy for players to differentiate these new troops from the ones found in the core game.