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Unified Theory Games Posts Vortex Errata

Unified Theory Games posts Vortex errata:

From their announcement:

The official Errata for the Vortex: Core Rulebook is available as a free download on The Errata has been compiled from the feedback of our loyal gamers with much thanks to them.

Vortex is a customizable miniature skirmish game that can be used with any miniature in any setting, using the miniatures and terrain you already own! The Vortex: Core Rulebook contains rules for building Combatants, over 270 Abilities, Liabilities, Weapon Features and Flaws, dozens of pre-constructed Combatants, an amazing array of Scenarios, and a complete easy-to-play Campaign System that allows your miniatures to gain experience and grow as characters. The Vortex: Basic Battlefield Rules are available for free from UTG’s website and allows players a full overview of game play.