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Unfair Available Now From CMON

Lots of people love to go to amusement parks. The rides. The games. The food. There's certainly plenty to do there. But the competition for those entertainment dollars means that parks are in fierce competition with one-another. In Unfair, players are the owners of their own theme park. They must do whatever they can in order to get people to come to their park and not their competitions. Sure, that'll include building cool rides, but it can also mean sabotaging the competition. Nobody said life's fair. Unfair is available now.

From the release:

What could be better than a nice,?friendly game based around building your?very?own theme park??Looking at the cute art and playful components of?Unfair?from?CMON and Good Games?Publishing, it?might seem like a light strategy game, but?you’ll learn very quickly how cutthroat the world of amusement park management can be!???

The goal of?Unfair?is to build the most?beautiful?and exciting theme park,?attracting?more?customers?than the competition?over eight rounds.?More customers?means?more money, and the person with the most cash at the end of the game wins!?Starting with?a simple?main gate, you’ll?build?rides?like rollercoasters,?Ferris?wheels,?and?waterslides.?Then,?deck them out with comfortable seating, air conditioning, and special themes.?Each new ride and feature that you add comes with a cost attached to it, but the cooler you make your park, the more people are going to want to come and spend money there.