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Underground Lasers III: Mining Outpost Alpha Kickstarter

Underground Lasers is back once again with a new Kickstarter campaign. This time it's for their Mining Outpost Alpha terrain sets. To set themselves apart, UL is bringing in non-right angles into the equation. Most of the terrain made using laser-cut MDF seems to be stuck with just L-style junctions. Not so with Mining Outpost Alpha. Not everything is "right" (angles) with these terrain kits.

The campaign is looking for $5k, total, and has 28 days left to try and get there. They're off to a good start, so be sure to check out the stretch goals and extras, since it's more than likely they'll make it to some of them (or maybe all of them).


From the campaign:

Here we go again!!!

We have some new interesting pieces of terrain I want to share with all of you and could use some help before we go into full production.

Most of the Medium Density Fibreboard terrain out there consists of straight line boxes and is limited in what you can do for your gaming layouts.

So we are going to try and spice it up a bit with some fresh angles.

-I Have designed this set to go back to the roots of the 1st Kickstarter we ran 2 years ago, these platforms are made so they can be taken apart and stored flat,
-All the columns are reinforced with 3 layers of MDF so they won't snap and will support any heavy miniatures you wish to put on top.
-The side short walls are made so they pop out so you can plug in Full walls, walkways and other accessories (full walls and other things will appear as unlocks later on)