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Underground Lasers, a new laser-cut terrain company up on Kickstarter

Underground Lasers is a new laser-cut terrain company making 28mm terrain pieces up on Kickstarter.

From the campaign:

Underground Lasers, a Newark, NJ based game scenery and terrain company, has announced its new line of products: Flat Geometry Terrain. This new product line of prefabricated, easy to assemble, parts boldly goes where no terrain building company has gone before. What is different about this product? Flexibility.

Traditionally, scenery kits and concepts have been modular, but only to a point; allowing gamers to build a limited number of structures with pre-determined shapes and sizes. With Flat Geometry Terrain, though, there is no limit to what you can design with the components, and once you are done, you can reuse those components in myriad different ways over and over again.