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Underestimated Games Previews Refugees of Religion

A new faction will soon be making its way to the world of Purgatory. Underestimated Games has announced that at end of February, they will be launching a Kickstarter for the Refugees of Religion. The whole faction will hopefully be made available if the Kickstarter funds, with the hopes to start working on the one after that as well, the Gangbangers.

From the post:

On the 28th of February 2018, Underestimated Games Limited are releasing their second Kickstarter to broaden out the world of Purgatory, beyond the Soul Train and Murder Inc.

The latest faction to enter the fray are the Refugees of Religion, a rag tag group of individuals that have found religion or a purpose in worship. The artwork, completed recently by Lorinda Tomko shows the characters lined up against a wall in the classic police mug shot stance.

The whole faction will be out as part of the Kickstarter, though if the stretch goals go far enough, the Gangbangers will also follow!