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Under Fire Miniatures Previews Westerplatte Polish Troops

Under Fire Miniatures are showing previews of their upcoming figures based upon the Polish Westerplatte garrison of 1939:

From their post:

The first batch of these superb figures went off to be moulded yesterday. Initial release will be 3 x 4 man packs & 1 x 6 man pack. Poses will be of prone, skirmishing & firing troops. Below is a picture of what's to come as a taster. These packs are the start of what I hope will be a major new range with support & command packs for the Poles & a full range of German troops being released later on.

These figures are based upon the Polish Westerplatte garrison of 1939 and will be useable in any other 1939 Polish wargame.

Size is 20mm. Release date is in 2 weeks. I'll be happy to answer any questions people may have.