Under Fire Miniatures March releases Pt II now available

Under Fire Miniatures has the second half of their March releases now available over in their webshop.

From the announcement:

Newly released for Mid March. A command pack for the Westerplatte Poles range & available for sale from the Under Fire online store The Vepa Miniatures Irak 2012 range, here sold as VEPA Modern US. I have been fortunate enough to secure distribution rights for Jordi's excellent range of modern US Army figures and later on in the year I hope to add his Lebanon 1982 range of Israeli, Syrian & Militia sculpts.

All figures are scaled for 20mm & cast out of white metal and I will happily answer any questions people may have.

Also, the observant amongst you will notice that there is a price difference between Under Fire Miniatures & VEPA packs. This is to keep the VEPA packs at a consistent price and represent the Euros to Pound Sterling conversion rate, with postage added on top at my end.

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