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Under Fire Miniatures December releases posted

Under Fire Miniatures posted up their December releases over on their website.

From the release:

Newly released for December are 3 new packs for the Germans. These are 2 early war great coated engineer packs. One pack has 3 figures prepping, laying & detonating charges, the other has 4 figures, again in great coats walking along carrying assorted engineering eqpt. Finally , pack 3, is a 5 figure Kriegsmarine LMG team, equipped with an MG34. The gunner & his No.2 are posed to be firing out of a window, or over a wall, or rail. Finally, for the beleaguered Poles, there is the release of a 6 figure medium mortar. This pack has an officer/NCO directing fire, a signaler using a telephone, 2 loaders and 2 other crew. Perfect for annoying those pesky engineers, or that annoying LMG team.