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Uncharted Seas Phase 3 Thaniras Elves Releases

Spartan Games have announced their Phase 3 releases of Uncharted Seas re-launch:

From their announcement:

STE002 Thaniras Elves Phoenix Class Battleship
The elves have poured elegance, grace and deadliness into the design that is the Phoenix. Don't be taken in too much by its sleek curves though; this is a hardened war machine, capable of engaging and destroying enemy vessels with ease.

STE004 Thaniras Elves Raven Class Frigate
Fast, nimble and sleek: three words that perfectly sum up the ship that is the Raven Frigate.

STE007 Thaniras Elves Chimera Class Flagship
With the Chimera Class Flagship the Thaniras Elves have unleashed their latest ship design upon their enemies in the Uncharted Seas – and the result is devastating. Powerful blasts of energy from massive Orbs rip enemy hulls apart, and hidden Orbs propel it across the waters.

STE009 Thaniras Elves Crow Class Destroyer
With no sails the Crow Destroyer uses Orb power to move through the water, making this small craft a very useful addition to an Elven fleet. With an 11" move the Crow is all about getting in fast, hitting the enemy with its fore weapons (a full squadron can link for 12AD in Range Band 1) and using its broadsides to engage as it pulls away.

STE010 Thaniras Elves Viper Class Cruiser
This cruiser is an interesting addition to the Elven fleet as it brings with it the ability for skilled archers to exit the hull of the ship onto a raised platform around the rear of the ship and engage enemy models. Sharpshooters are used to kill the crews of models, while archers with poison tipped arrows are specialists in killing living flying creatures.