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Uncharted Seas Phase 3 Shroud Mages Releases

Spartan Games have announced their Phase 3 releases of Uncharted Seas re-launch:

From their announcement:

SSM007 Shroud Mages Ripper Class Submarine
This large submarine was designed by the Shroud Mage engineers with one purpose: tabletop intimidation. Its massive cutting blades are designed to slam into the hulls of enemy ships, ripping their bottoms wide open and sinking them in the blink of an eye.

SSM008 Shroud Mages Adept Class Destroyer
The first Destroyer to be used by the Shroud Mages, the Adept is an all round capable machine of war. Its fore and broadside weapons are effective, but the addition of a turret gives it the ability search the horizon for prey.

SSM009 Shroud Mages Infiltrator Class Assault Destroyer
A ship whose name features the word assault in it makes it easy to guess the purpose for which this particular engine of war was created. All that is required is to steam up to an enemy ship, slam into it using the Steam Burst MAR, hit them hard with assault troops (using the Blinding Flash MAR) and – if all goes well – capture the ship.