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Uncharted Seas Phase 3 Orc Raiders Releases

Spartan Games have announced their Phase 3 releases of Uncharted Seas re-launch:

From their announcement:

SOR002 Orc Raiders Prowler Class Battleship
Designed to give enemy vessels a true body blow, the Prowler Battleship epitomises the Orc way of life: nasty. Orc commanders will aim the Prowler at an enemy fleet and sail straight down its throat, a massive array of cannons to the fore smashing hulls and crews, a Red Ram rating of 9 ready to crush a hull if the ship hits a target and a crew rating of 12 ready to pour onboard a ship, wiping its crew out.

SOR003 Orc Raiders Ravager Class Cruiser
If you have a Battleship design that works well, why not take it and copy it? That is clearly what the Orcs thought when they built the Ravager Cruiser. Fore weapons slam into an enemy, and a full squadron of Ravagers can hand out a high level of pain, with large crews ready to board and capture enemy ships. One of the deadliest Cruisers in the Uncharted Seas.

SOR004 Orc Raiders Warcroc Class Frigate
Created to look like a giant crocodile, the Warcroc is not affected by the wind, propelled as it is by paddlewheels. Just like the giant crocodiles the Frigate is based upon, the Warcroc is a true pack hunter, with a full squadron able to swarm around larger enemy vessels.

SOR005 Orc Raiders Hunter Class Battlecruiser
The Hunter Class Battlecruiser is a truly evil naval vessel. As if its bulky hull was not enough, the masters of this ship decided to add a fighting platform and a host of very large, very nasty mortars to it.

SOR010 Orc Raiders Massacre Class Troll Ship
Hulking in its design, the Massacre is now the core Battleship-class vessel at the heart of an Orc Raiders boxed Starter Fleet. Massive paddle wheels propel the vessel along, giant trolls on its deck looking for targets to hurl rocks at, and if that is not enough the gunnery crews search the horizon for ships to sink.