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Uncharted Seas Phase 3 Iron Dwarves Releases

Spartan Games have announced their Phase 3 releases of Uncharted Seas re-launch:

From their announcement:

SDW007 Iron Dwarves Belcher Class Submarine
The Dwarven Masters of Engineering who designed this vessel were clearly looking forward to the future. Sleek and fast, the submersible glides through the waters of the Uncharted Seas looking for prey. When an enemy ship is spotted the submersible closes in and rises, exposing its potent Magma Guns.

SDW008 Iron Dwarves Kraken Class Submarine
When this little beauty hits an enemy model it certainly lets itself be felt. The submarine lowers itself in the water, not quite submerged, and a ram rises up out of the water that is slammed into the hull/body of a model. The engine room of this vessel gets called upon to give it 150% when a ram is about to take place. The dwarves are expected to generate a sudden burst of speed that allows the model to slam into an enemy model with all of its might, ripping a giant hole in it.

SDW010 Iron Dwarves Bellows Class Airship
The Dwarven engineers truly excelled themselves when they created this magnificent machine of war. Developed initially to allow troops to explore inland on the landmasses of the Uncharted Seas, the Bellows Airship is now proving itself as an airborne danger to any enemy vessel.

SWD012 Iron Dwarves Armoury Class Troop Carrier
The idea behind the Armoury Class is a simple one: move troops around safely, before landing them ashore to assault enemy positions. This also means this vessel is perfect for performing Boarding Actions.

SWD013 Iron Dwarves Piston Class Ram Cruiser
One of the most unusual looking Dwarven vessels, the Piston Ram Cruiser has a steam-powered front that can be opened and closed as the vessel readies itself to ram an enemy vessel. With decent broadside weaponry, the model can engage the enemy with relative success, but its true nature comes from being able to slam into a model and literally bulldoze it out of the way.