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Uncharted Seas Phase 3 Dragon Lords Releases

Spartan Games have announced their Phase 3 releases of Uncharted Seas re-launch:

From their announcement:

SDL005 Dragon Lords Twilight Class Heavy Cruiser
The Twilight was the first Heavy Cruiser deployed by the Dragon Lords in the waters of the Uncharted Seas, and is in effect an up-gunned variant of the Shadow Class Cruiser. One of the key additions to the vessel is a potent fore cannon, and a squadron of four Twilights can hit an enemy hard.

SDL010 Dragon Lords Arcane Class Cruiser
Dragon Lords do like their Cruisers and the Arcane was developed with one purpose in mind: to provide more magic support to their Medium Class Squadrons. The hull has been improved, making it a capable fighting ship.

SDL011 Dragon Lords Elder Dragon
The Elder Dragon is the greatest and most cunning species of beast the Dragon Lords can summon to war. There are some dragons that are larger and tougher, but the Elder Dragons are considered to be the reincarnation of the long lost Ancestor Dragons, and treated with utmost respect.