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Uncharted Seas Iron Dwarves Piston Class Ram Cruiser preview

Spartan Games have posted images of the 3D sculpt for the upcoming Uncharted Seas Iron Dwarves Piston Class Ram Cruiser. From their website:
As all good Dwarves know, the answer to any problem is more power.  Bigger guns, thicker armor, greater force.  The latest weapon from the Iron Dwarves is a ramming design, with upgraded high-torque engines that give it improved speed and the power to bulldoze other ships.  This allows them a wide variety of interesting capabilities from ramming enemy ships into their own nearby allies (or into islands) to shoving enemy ships out of boarding contact with their own important ships.  It's a ship that can be played as a blunt object wrecking ball or with creativity as you mess with enemy maneuvering as the player sees fit.