Uncharted Seas Destroyer models now available to pre-order

Spartan Games are taking pre-orders for their Uncharted Seas Destroyer models.

Chisel Class Destroyer

From their website:

We’re pleased to announce that our Uncharted Seas Destroyer models are now available to pre-order from our Online Store. Within this release are the following models:

Phantom Class Destroyer
The Phantom Class Destroyer is a horrifying new weapon in the Bone Griffons arsenal. They are built for but one purpose: crushing enemy ships with plague-infected missiles fired from a massive catapult whose arm is nearly as long as the ship itself.

Moonbeam Class Destroyer
Designed to take on special missions for the Dragon Lords, the Moonbeam Class Destroyers stress joint tactics. Their standard tactics are to soften up enemies from range before ramming and overwhelming the survivors using combined boarding actions.

Chisel Class Destroyer
The Iron Dwarf Chisel Class Destroyer can serve alongside larger ships as an escort, or are perfectly suited to hunting on their own, armed as they are with powerful front mounted cannons and long range rockets for thinning enemy crews before they can close to boarding range.

Kestrel Class Destroyer
The Emperor’s latest weapon for dominance of the Uncharted Seas, the Kestrel Class Destroyer is designed to fill multiple roles. In addition to its conventional broadside cannons, the Kestrel is equipped with a reinforced front end for boarding and carries a front mounted flame cannon.

Impaler Class Destroyer
Orc Impaler Class Destroyers have recently been discovered hunting in packs throughout the Uncharted Seas. They are merciless predators, regrouping and salvaging what they can after each assault before moving on to the next target.

Adept Class Destroyer
The Adept Class Destroyer’s turret and ramming capability makes them very flexible ships in close quarters, but they are also surprisingly good at long ranged bombardment. These are devious vessels that can fill several roles and reward foresight.

Crow Class Destroyer
When Elven Captains reported the need for a small fast “Hammer” type of ship, they were given the Crow Class Destroyer. Packing firepower similar to the Cobra class, but in a front mounted arrangement, they are aggressive ships that are well suited to ambush and counterattack tactics.