Unbridled Fury 2010 Edition released

Unbridled Fury 2010 EditionFuridion Games have released the 2010 edition of the Unbridled Fury rules.

From their announcement:
Unbridled Fury 2010 Edition is out! It’s not a Beta, not a test version, or any of that. It’s the real deal. We’ve finally finished tinkering with it and have put it on the web for you lot to download and play.

Finishing a set of rules is probably the hardest part of writing them. At what point does one stop? When are the rules ‘absolutely perfect’? I guess that’s one of life’s true mysteries. Just like anything creative, it can always be better. But Unbridled Fury is now the best it’s ever been, and we are happy to say we’re not changing it for a long time now – we’ve got different plans for little ol’ Project Fury.

The game is, as always, a free download. We’ll be getting the eBook and print versions done as soon as we can, but at least until then you know you’ve got the definitive version of the game.