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Ultra Coins Game Up On Kickstarter

Many of us have a couple coins in our pockets right now. Maybe it's some change leftover from lunch, or some quarters for doing our laundry later, or whatever reason you might have. Well, what if you had some coins in your pocket just ready for some gaming at a moment's notice? And I don't mean putting some quarters into an arcade machine. Ultra Coins is a new game up on Kickstarter where the coins are your army and you can play just about anywhere.

In the game, you and your opponent pick your coins that you'll use in your army. You spin them three times to get your attack total. If they equal or beat your opponent's defense total, they are destroyed. However, if they survive they get to attack back at you. Coins can be augmented by spellcaster coins, that can boost your attack or defense. There are other strategy options to take as well, including using Unconventional attackers, who get a bonus in the first round and are harder to attack directly, but won't really stand long in a prolonged fight.

The campaign just got underway and is set to run for another 30 days.