Ultra Blue Water Features from War Torn Worlds

War Torn Worlds have added a new series of water terrain pieces to their online store.

Ultra Blue Water Features

From their announcement:

Four new rocky ultra blue water features for when realistic is just not enough. They are made from recycled rubber that has been painted flocked and filled with blue epoxy giving the water real depth.

They are shown with 28mm figures though they might be good for multiple scales.

  • WTW-06319 USD $14.99 Ultra Blue Pool A (5? x 7?) Upper Left
  • WTW-06320 USD $14.99 Ultra Blue Pool B (6.5? x 6.5?) Upper Right
  • WTW-06321 USD $14.99 Ultra Blue Pool C (8.5? x 5?) Lower Left
  • WTW-06322 USD $11.99 Ultra Blue Large Pool (4.5? x 5.5?) Lower Right

Buy now at http://www.wartornworldsstore.com/