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Ultimum sci-fi RPG on Kickstarter

Ultimum is back up on Kickstarter. They've regrouped, reconfigured, and relaunched their campaign for their sci-fi tabletop RPG. Players adventure on an Earth in the far future where new sentient creatures and aliens bring unique situations to the sessions. Players will also help determine the storyline for the game. Groups can upload their session details and help mold how the setting changes over time.


From the campaign:

Ultimum is a tabletop Role-Playing Game that is built around a dramatic, science fiction story about races and peoples that are all learning how to live together in the face of survival. The setting is Earth in the far future. The continents have collided and created Pangea Ultima. New sentient species, both alien and terrestrial now populate the Earth and humanity has just returned. There are galaxy spanning threats to overcome, but for now, we need to regroup.

In Ultimum, the players determine the course of the story. In kitchens, living rooms and gaming stores all over the world, players will be playing out their Ultimum sessions from week to week. Once they're finished, they'll upload their progress to the Ultimum website. The developers will organize and trend the player data and start building the future storyline from there.