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Ultimum is on Kickstarter

Ultimum has launched their Kickstarter campaign for their new sci-fi RPG.



From the campaign:

There are multiple ways to play Ultimum. First, the player can use the game book to play Ultimum at a table, rolling dice, moving miniatures and playing through a story designed by the storyteller or game master.

Second, players will have Apps available to them for smartphones, tablets and Laptops/PCs to act as game aides for the players and contain a level of polish that evokes immersion to the game and a not distraction.

Three, Ultimum can be taken online and played with people in an MMORPG/Sandbox setting. Unlike traditional MMORPGs that are built on tedious tasks, designed in a world of invisible walls and complex statistical algorithms, Ultimum is the simple, core experience of friends sitting around a table, real or virtual, rolling dice together and playing a game where they don't just build characters, they build worlds...and guns, lots of guns.

The Online setting will consist of a main server list that is user friendly, allowing players to quickly locate the online game they are invited to, or to view a list of games that are looking for more players to join, effectively creating a "Looking for Group" listing. This will help players find a game without having to look at forums posts on websites that are months old. We want everyone who wants to play Ultimum to have access to it. We also have plans to have one of our development team members host an online game for new players to introduce them to the rules and the setting so new players are not intimidated by joining other games without a deeper knowledge of the system. There will also be extensive videos on our Youtube channel explaining how to play.