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Ultimum, a new sci-fi RPG, coming soon

Paradigm Publishing is getting the word out about Ultimum, their new sci-fi RPG they'll be launching on Kickstarter in a couple months.



From their website:

Ultimum is an upcoming pen and paper role playing game by Paradigm Publishing LLC.

Imagine Borderlands (Video Game) meets Pathfinder (Tabletop RPG) meets Minecraft (Video Game) on Earth a million years in the future.

Ultimum is a story of Earth and its children. Throughout Earth's long history, events have taken place to shape it and its various species into hardy protectors and explorers. Much has happened in the past million years and much of it isn't pleasant. The tectonic plates have shifted and moved by unnatural and alien means. New and deadly life both terrestrial and alien have grown, mixed and proliferated. New intelligent species have evolved, naturally and unnaturally, and now vie for control of new territories, marked by new boundaries, in unexplored lands.

Humanity has recently returned to mother Earth and they seek answers to questions. What happened to the Earth while they were gone? Who caused this great change to the face of the Earth? Where did these new sentient species come from? Will they be able to live peacefully with these new races or will they have to fight to survive in a place they once called their home?

Ultimum introduces several new features not included in role playing games before, as well as a host of tried and true methods to keep the game fun and exciting for all players. Some new features include...

+ Unique and Detailed Crafting Mechanic
+ Unique and Diverse Races and Classes
+ New Initiative and Combat System
+ Use Every Die in your Bag! (Even the d12)

Ultimum will be heading to Kickstarter on October 14th of 2014 at 14:00 EST (GMT -5)