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Ultimate Scheme Board Game Up On Kickstarter

As I mentioned earlier, everybody wants to rule the world. In a game like Quadropolis, you get to take over a city. In Ultimate Scheme, you can potentially take over the world. But what evil scheme will you use? Maybe building a freeze ray. Or perhaps you'll market Evil Soda (which reminds me, Mt. Dew Pitch Black is back. Mmmm, Pitch Black). Whatever your scheme is, you'd better hurry. You're not the only one trying to take over the world.


In the game, players control an evil faction such as the Dark Masters of Darkness or the Cult of Tentacly Doom. Your job is to send out minions, in the form of ninjas or guys equipped with alien technology or such like that, in order to gain resources and advance toward your Ultimate Scheme, which is kept hidden from other players. Reach your goal first and the world will be yours.

The campaign's up and running now. They're about 1/3 of the way to their goal with still 29 days to go.