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Ulmons, Tarask of Var available for pre-order

Maelstrom Games are now accepting pre-orders for the Banebeast Ulmons, Tarask of Var. Ulmons, Tarask of Var From their announcement:
After the frenetic activity in April, the month of May has been somewhat serene… at least on the surface. Underneath, we’re like the proverbial swan’s feet, rushing around like headless chickens getting next month’s releases sorted. We’re the huge side of the iceberg, the busy in the bees, the navvies to the railways, and other analogies and metaphors that imply we work very hard on the BaneLegions indeed… as do our small army of artists, sculptors and painters, of course. Enough prattling from the prattler-in-chief – get your eyeballs around our latest BaneBeast, for he is quite superb and very different to what we have produced so far. From yet another concept by the simply awesome Stefan Kopinski, yet another ex-Rackham sculptor in the supremely-talented shape of Stéphane Nguyen van Gioi has brought Ulmons to life and yet another Golden Demon award winner – Raffaele Picca – has painted him. We absolutely love what Raffaele has done with our Tarask, for it evokes all manner of reptilian beastie and really brings some colour to what could have been rather drab. In short, all three have done a superb job on the “Big One” Available for pre-order here at 10% off RRP and free shipping worldwide