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UK sale on Incursion

West Wind Productions is also offering a sale price on the Incursion boardgame. From their announcement:
From now until September16, the Incursion boxed game, normally £35.00 will be available from West Wind UK for a stupid £14.99 to UK customers and £19.99 to our Mainland European customers. Please note, customers in the USA, Canada and Rest of the World, please order from Grindhouse in the USA Note that you wont likely incur additional shipping charges for adding a few miniatures to your order, so it's a great opportunity to fill in the gaps and stock up on your favourite figures from our Secrets of the Third Reich range and Incursion range at the same time. Please Note re Bulk Shipping to Mainland Europe : Please contact Wendy at if you wish to order more than 2 copies of the Boardgame and more than 6 packs of additional figures into Mainland Europe as your order may be subject to a small additional shipping charge.