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Uglydoll Loonacy Now Available From Looney Labs

I'm certainly no prize in terms of beauty. I'm not going to be winning any "best dressed" or "greatest hair" or "most handsome gaming news reporter" awards anytime soon. I don't know if anyone would call me an Uglydoll, though. The creatures on the new version of Loonacy from Looney Labs, though? Those are Uglydolls. But it's ok. They're used to being called that.

Uglydoll Loonacy

In the game, players start with seven cards in their hand. Each card has two different Uglydolls on it. To play a card from your hand, it must match an icon with one on one of the stacks of cards in the middle of the table. There's no turns. It's a free-for-all as you try and empty out your hand. First player to do so wins.