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Uber Goons Reinforcements Have Arrived at has more Goons available. These guys are packing with their new heavy weapons.

From the announcement: have expanded one of thier popular ranges of figures!

Heavy Weapons are the order of the day in HOF87 for the Wasteland Uber Goons letting your radioative warlords enforce their mutated will with ease.
Uber Goons are mutant or enhanced humans and stand on average 18mm tall (about 7 foot in real terms).

Armed with Fusion Gun, Missile Pod and Flame Thrower wearing gas masks, trenchcoats, rubber boots and classic steel helmets these are the brutal support troops of any Wasteland baron or radioactive lord.
Tying in with this cracking release are running a special offer opn the previous Uber Goon packs with 10% off list price!