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U.S.S. Enterprise-E Previewed For Star Trek Attack Wing

The 27th wave of Star Trek Attack Wing will be making its way to store shelves and then gaming tables next month. This set sees WizKids swooping back around to take a second look at some ships that have already been released, but are now getting an updated paint scheme as well as some different versions of their cards. This time around we get a look at the U.S.S. Enterprise-E.

The Enterprise-E is certainly a powerful and versatile ship, mostly due to the crew that comes with it. Both Captain Picard and William Riker can add different upgrade symbols to your ship's upgrade bar. Picard also gives you quite a boost to fighting a particular enemy faction of your choice. More versatility comes from Fire at Will and Dorsal Phaser Array, which will certainly help you win in shootouts with enemy ships. Meanwhile, Deanna Troi can help negate whatever enemy upgrades might be on a ship.