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U.S.S. Enterprise-B Previewed For Star Trek Attack Wing

The U.S.S. Enterprise has this nasty habit of being blown up or otherwise destroyed. However, the Federation keeps on building new ones. They weren't ever entirely identical to one-another, though they did keep roughly the same shape. And each one had different crew. So while they might all have the same name, they were rather different ships. The Enterprise-B is going to be headed to your tabletops in the next wave of Star Trek Attack Wing releases, and it's that ship we get a look at today.

This version of the Enterprise is a dodgy sucker. You can replace other tokens on it with an Evade token, letting you hopefully avoid the brunt of an enemy attack. Added to that, Captain Harriman can add more Evade tokens, at the cost of an Auxiliary Power token. Helmswoman Sulu can get you out of a sticky situation, by letting you perform another maneuver after you've been hit by an attack. Deflector Controls can help restore shields. Then there's Full Reverse that can get your butt out of dodge if you really need to go now.