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Typhon has new warband, the Cyclopeans

Typhon has a new warband for you to use in your quest to dominate the ancient world, the Cyclopeans. Available now on Barking Irons.

From the update:

Heya Folks !

Today on Barking Irons we present you a new Sacred Band for use in your games of Typhon, The Cyclopes. The natural shepards of the Greek islands have been driven to revenge by the actions of the Ithicans and now seek justice.
"The Cyclopes" by Gavin Syme
What is Typhon?

Typhon is the game of Greek Myth published by Alternative Armies allowing you to battle against the dark forces of the Titans that are spreading across the known world.
Alternatively it allows you to take control of a band of Shades ensuring your ancient masters can claim their rightful place and throw down the Gods.
Who will win...