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Two New Warlocks Previewed by Privateer Press

So there's some new Privateer Press releases available, but what if your faction didn't get get anything? Or at the very least, what if it wasn't what you were hoping for? Well, maybe one of these two previews (or possibly both) will be more to your liking. They've got a preview of two... err... three... err... two new Warlocks up.

For Everblight, players won't have to pick if they want to take Saeryn or Rhyas to lead their forces anymore. Now, you can take them as a combined Warlock Unit (or, you will, when they're released). Sounds like they're able to share wounds between them. Kinda reminds me of those twins that worked for Cobra.

The other preview is for a new version of Kromac. Now, I've not been keeping up on the Hordes fluff for a while now. But I remembered enough that when I saw "Now in possession of the axe Rathrok, the World Ender,..." I was like, "... waitaminute... Wasn't that Madrak's axe?" So, while I have no idea how that happened, I know that... well... something happened there.