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Two new Walker expansions for Dust Tactics

Fantasy Flight Games have announced two new Walker expansions for Dust Tactics miniatures boardgame. Axis walker box From their website:
Fantasy Flight Games is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of two new Walker expansions for Dust Tactics, the tactical miniatures board game of explosive battlefield combat! The Light Assault Walker and the Light Panzer Walker (for your Allied or Axis forces, respectively) bring agility and deadly weapon systems to your Dust Tactics troops. New Firepower With the Allied forces heralding formidable units into the fray, Axis players will want to expand their armies to include a walker with multiple cannons for a broad range attack or a laser cannon to target Allied squads. The Light Panzer Walker body can be customized to either Heinrich or Hermann, both offering advantages for any Axis general to bring onto the battlefield. Swift Action An Allied general, desiring glory on the battlefield for himself and his nation, must bring the best of the best to the front lines. The newest Dust Tactics Light Assault Walkers, Wildfire and Honey, provide players with a multitude of advantages. Created by Allied scientists, Wildfire’s dreadful weapon system will be a match for any Axis weaponry. The four heavy machine guns that top this light-weight robot fire simultaneously, delivering a deluge of firepower that lights up the darkest battlefield. Axis infantry and light vehicles will fall under the cloud of bullets that Wildfire strikes them with again and again. Eager for a speedy offensive? Use this Light Assault Walker’s high mobility and incredible agility to take a careless enemy by surprise. There is nothing sweet about Honey except for its name.