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Two New Tank Kits Available For Konflikt '47 From Warlord Game

One thing with any "Weird War II" game is that you can take a lot of already-made equipment, just change them up a bit and boom! New piece. Well, Warlord Games certainly has their fair share of World War II pieces laying about the house, so coming out with figures for Konflikt '47 can be as easy as just putting a new turret on an old tank. That's what we've got here with the Soviet T-34/ZP and the Cromwell with Tesla Cannon.

The T-34/ZP comes armed with the Zvukovoy Proyekor, a concussive weapon that can decimate an entire enemy platoon at close range. Meanwhile, the Cromwell brings together American ingenuity and British craftsmanship by putting a Tesla Cannon (ok, so Serbian ingenuity) on the rugged and reliable Cromwell tank.

Both of these are available to order now from Warlord Games.

T-34 Source
Cromwell Source