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Two New Sculpts shown off for Endless Fantasy Tactics

On the Lamb Games comes back to their 2pm spot here on TGN (it's been quite a while) with a pair of new minis they're showing off for Endless Fantasy Tactics. They've got Rin Azel and the Rune Fencer minis finished and should have them in stock in a couple weeks. Except for one backer-created mini, they've got everything sculpted up for their EFT expansion Kickstarter campaign. Always good to hear when those are completed.


From the update:

Hey folks, hope y'all had some good holidays. We've gotten the final pics for Rin Azel and the Rune Fencer!

We'll be getting these two into the office later this week. Aside from the backer created Witch, this concludes the sculpts that are a part of the Kickstarter.