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Two new scenarios for Battles of Westeros released

Fantasy Flight Games have posted PDF documents with two new scenarios for the Battle of Westeros boardgame. From their website:
Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to offer two new scenarios for Battles of Westeros, now available for download on the support page. Previously, these scenarios were only available in the Days of Ice and Fire event booklet. “Biting the Hand” (pdf, 10.9 MB) and “In Sight of the Eye” (pdf, 10.3 MB) let players experience battles that are not part of the A Song of Ice & Fire canon. These scenarios are perfect for players that already have experience on the battlefield, or for players looking to explore the possibilities of battles that could have been. In “Biting the Hand,” a massive scenario that requires two Battles of Westeros Core Sets, players experience the battle that could have been if Eddard Stark met Tywin Lannister on the battlefield. “In Sight of the Eye” calls for the Wardens of the West and Wardens of the North expansions. Here players explore what would have occurred if the War of Five Kings could have been settled in single combat.