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Two new rule sets coming soon from Warhammer Historical

Warhammer Historical will be releasing two new historical rule sets. From their announcement:
WaterlooWaterloo - Tabletop Wargaming in the Age of Napoleon Mark Latham, writer of Warhammer Historical’s popular Trafalgar rulebook, returns to the Napoleonic era with Waterloo, a new set of rules for playing tabletop wargames with 25mm-28mm miniatures set against the backdrop of this turbulent and dramatic period of European history. Included in this full colour 288 page hardback rulebook are rules, army lists and historical orders of battle, as well as a brief history of the French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars and a campaign for you to play through. To inspire you there is also a lavish hobby section that takes you through how to collect, assemble and paint your Napoleonic era armies. The focus of the rulebook is the campaign and battle of Waterloo itself, but also included are rules which enable players to recreate battles from the entire Napoleonic period of 1792 – 1815, and even beyond it. Waterloo is available to order now for immediate despatch, and Mark Latham has provided a Quick Reference and Roster Sheets as a free download along with some templates.
Gladiator - Deadly Arena Combat in Ancient Rome Written by Barry Hill, Gladiator enables players to recreate the brutal arena combat of the Roman Empire on the wargames table. This full colour 144 page hardback rulebook contains rules for gladiatorial arena contests featuring human combatants, wild animals, elephants and chariots as well as mass battle spectacles and mock sea battles. Full rules and background are provided for gladiators of both the Imperial and Republican eras, along with ten action-packed scenarios and a detailed campaign system that allows rival gladiatorial schools to compete in several different periods of Roman history. The Gladiator rulebook is packed with inspirational photography and a detailed hobby section covering collecting, assembling and painting gladiatorial miniatures. It is available to order now for immediate despatch and you can also download a free Quick Reference Sheet (PDF link) from the Warhammer Historical website.