Two New RPG Adventures Available From PenguinComics

By Polar_Bear
In Fantasy
Nov 17th, 2016

As you’ve heard me say before, I’m a big fan of any sort of extra resources a GM can get. As someone who has just started a new campaign with a new group of players, I certainly appreciate having resources at my fingertips to make the planning easier. Well, PenguinComics is here to help you all out with a couple of new generic adventures you can drop into your games.

Hidden is designed to be used with any form of tech-noir/cyberpunk game you might want to play. Players are recruited to find a missing woman. Seems easy enough, until powerful forces start following them around, giving this mystery a deeper twist.
Then there’s The Beast, designed for fantasy RPGs. Players are sent into a dungeon to grab the loot (as adventurers are wont to do). But what will happen when they get trapped inside? Will they be able to escape?

These new adventures are just $1 each. So why not go grab yourself one (or both) and add them to your collection?


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  • Tam Song

    Thanks. Chanced a buck each on these looking for potential table top scenarios. Generic RPG adventures, no surprises, but certainly translate-able into fluff for your next Dungeon Crawl or Run n Gun scenario. I’d say it was worth it and I’ll keep an eye out for new ones.

    • Pingo

      Thanks so much for this review, Tam Song! Very happy to hear that you liked the adventures. We are releasing more Generic Adventures in the future! Any particular genre that you guys would like?

      • Tam Song

        Hi. Thanks for replying. Altho we’ll game just about any genre, my group is partial to either STALKER-style post apoc or Cyberpunk/Shadowrun games.

        • Tam Song

          Then again, we’re not pen-and-paper RPG-ers – we’re using the adventure to spice up a tabletop wargame. We tend to give our games some RPG flavor. But we’re probably not your ideal target market.
          Thank you again for weighing in.

          • Pingo

            Working on a more cyberspace-themed game right now, but will release something more post-apocalypse later.

            Check out our RPG/Tabletop game Drudge! at DriveThru. Cheaper right now. 🙂

          • Tam Song

            Thanks. Appreciate the offer. We tend to write our own rules, plus it’s not like I’m lacking for “official” game options either. Good luck though.

          • Pingo

            That’s cool! Maybe you’d like our third adventure Abducted.