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Two New Releases Available for Bolt Action

Who wants to walk into battle? Nobody, that's who. You want to get there in style. And what's cooler than getting to the fight in a cool motorcycle? Perhaps a tank? Well, the Germans were doing both in WWII, and Warlord Games is giving you two vehicles related to that. The first is the new German Feldgendarme Motorcycle Team. The other is NOT a new piece of German armor. It's the other side of the battle with the Bedford OY SP 3-pdr, as the British fought against said Germans. Both are available over in the Warlord Games webshop.

From the website:

The German Feldgendarmerie force had its origins in the 19th century, with most German states forming military units for policing duties. This was continued by the Imperial German Army during World War I when a large force was formed for all policing tasks behind the front lines, although this was disbanded during the interwar period. Reformed in 1939 from experienced army NCOs and civil gendarme, Feldgendarmerie units were attached to armies by battalion but would then be broken down into smaller units for deployment.

Utilising the tough Bedford chassis, the British Home Guard use their ingenuity to fight the enemy with the new Bedford OY SP 3-pdr.
The Bedford OY was a militarised version of the Bedford O series lorry capable of carrying three tonnes. A Hotchkiss 3-pdr naval gun mounted in the rear on a pedestal turned it into a self-propelled gun.

German Feldgendarme Motorcycle Team Source
Bedford OY SP 3-pdr Source