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Two new previews from Zombicide on Kickstarter

Zombicide is still doing well on Kickstarter and they wanted to help entice more people with a pair of new previews: Dave the Geek and their dice.

From the update:

Dave the Geek

“Yeah sure, take the shotgun if you want, I’ll take the... AMMONIUM... NITRATE!”

As far as he remembers, Dave always found reality to be terribly boring. So he locked himself up in an imaginary world and learned piles of useless stuff... useless until now. Dave is a fount of knowledge. His chemistry mastery makes him look like a superhero amongst other survivors. At least until he opens this mouth, then everyone remembers he’s a real geek.

Together with Dave at the $100 pledge comes two other promo Survivors, the base game with 71 miniatures, a signed lithograph and 6 custom dice with the Zombicide logo, bullet hole designs and the almighty Molotov cocktail!