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Two New Mindjammer Releases Available From Modiphius

Modiphius takes you out into the stars in Mindjammer, their sci-fi RPG of space-faring action and excitement. But when you're out there, it's good to know where you are and what you're doing. These two releases help you do just that. There's the Enhanced Commonality Space Schematic (so you can know exactly how to find Planet X), and The Mindjammer Player's Guide so you can have a fully-fleshed out character when you get there (to get your illudium phozdex).

The Enhanced Commonality Space Schematic is a starmap of Commonality Space, showcasing its stellar regions, sector capitals, fargates, capitals, and more. Now presented in updated and enhanced format, this gorgeous poster map and digital file suite is the perfect compliment to your Mindjammer game.

The Mindjammer Player’s Guide is a rules book for Mindjammer—The Roleplaying Game, intended exclusively for the use of players.

It contains:

-All the rules you need to create and play characters in the Mindjammer universe. You can even play a sentient starship!
-Descriptions and histories of the New Commonality of Humankind.
-New starmaps, homeworlds, and genotypes of Commonality Space.
-Rules for the Mindscape and virtual worlds.