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Two New Mindjammer Adventures Now Available

You all know my admiration for adventure modules for RPGs. They can really help a GM out, giving them ideas for a game, or just letting them concentrate on actually running the game, instead of having to deal with coming up with everything from whole cloth. Well, the fellows over at Modiphius are here to help Mindjammer GMs with the release of two new adventures: The City People and Dominion.

The City People takes players aboard the Maggie (full name, The Magnanimous Intervention) as they head out to recently-rediscovered colony world. What sort of strange adventures await on this formerly cut-off world? What sort of dark dealings could be going on?

Meanwhile, Dominion has your characters join up with the SCI-Force (the Security and Cultural Integrity Instrumentality) to visit the border between the New Commonality of Humankind and the Sentient Alliance. The worlds there are still steeped in Cold War (between those two factions, not the US and Russia, specifically) prejudices. You must go and help smooth over relations, lest the cold war turn hot.