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Two new Kingdom Death releases

New releasesKingdom Death have added two new miniature releases to their online store. From their announcement:
The Kings Men turned out to be a really powerful piece sculpted by Thomas David based on Yasmine Putri's concept art. His slightly "goofy" posture is an inspired mockery of medieval knight illustrations. The sculpt is packed with small interesting details on his unique armor crisply rendered by Thomas. This first run collectors edition is limitied to 250 casts and comes with a small hand numbered authenticity certificate & a hard plastic archival sleeve. CoolMini has scooped up 50 units, and Japan has put 40 on reserve, which leaves me with only 160. The other release is the Pinup Great Game Hunter. We're releasing the Pinup ahead of the character sculpt for the first time. I wish I could say there was some mastermind plot behind it... but really it was just finished and ready to go faster. The Great Game Hunters come from the largest existing city in the Kingdom Death world and despite how awesome they think they are, have very little knowledge of what is outside their gates. Or even HOW their city still exists. The artwork was drawn by Lokman Lam and she was sculpted by Yannick Hennebo. The piece includes her prostrate valet holding her crossbow. We've made her another general release, tho we only have an initial stock of 150 units.