Two new Immortal plastic Greek sets coming soon

Immortal Miniatures have sent details of two new 28mm plastic Greek miniature sets they are working on.


From their announcement:

Some of you may have seen the cover of the Classical Greek hoplite box, but none of you will have seen the cover for the Spartan box.

These plastic kits are going to be modifications on the current plastic hoplites. Replacing the command frame will be a new frame containing new bodies, and lots of new heads allowing you to represent the hoplites that fought from the Peloponnesian war until the death of Alexander (and after!). I’m expecting the new frame very soon, until then you can read a bit more about it here:

Plastic Persian preview
I’ve been very quiet about these because they now look quite different to the image I shown a few months ago. Basically, a lot of new information has come to my attention regarding the appearance of the Persian army from this period. As I am aware there are rival companies working on Persian figures, so I cannot show too much right now (it has taken 2 years of research, building relationships with archaeologists and a trip to Iran to get to this point).

Before the end of the year, the whole Persian range will be updated to bring it up to date with the new evidence. I can say with quite some confidence that they will be the only historically accurate Achaemenid Persian miniatures on the market.
For now, here are a couple of previews.